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New Global Ventures, LLC. was founded in 2006 and has established itself as a leader in our industry, we provide consulting to companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations, and we are here to provide you with the same honest advice as you look for the right partner for your project.

“Your online strategy is an integral part of growing your business.”

Having completed hundreds of projects and having worked with hundreds of clients, we’ve developed proven processes and best practices to ensure our projects are delivered successfully and on time.

Our dedicated and talented team of designers, programmers, strategists, writers, user-experience specialists, and project managers are passionate about the level of service and quality of work they deliver. This results in well-executed websites, effective marketing campaigns, happy clients, and lasting relationships.

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“We are not in the web design business serving people, but in the people business serving professional marketing.”

Dale Hardy Jr – Company CEO


We are strategic thinkers with a strong work ethic, reliable and dedicated to our clients. This allows us to maintain our satisfaction guarantee policy and be proud of the tremendous reputation that we have established.


We are able to efficiently provide modern online solutions to your organization and the most affordable rates, utilizing the newest and best technology.


Our success depends on the success of our clients. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and ensure that their online goals are met. Our commitment to our clients has earned us an impressive portfolio covering a variety of industries all over the world.

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What do you have to loose? We have helped 100's of clients just like you. Digital Journey Systems representative will contact you within 1 business day. Pictures are worth a thousand words, then a website you can see and play with is worth a Million. Check out our web designs, branding, logo design and more in our portfolio section.


Since no two clients are the same, no one solution will meet everyone’s needs. We use open source platforms, such as Joomla, Magento and Drupal, and we value their flexibility to be able to customize an experience that will bring the most value to your organization.

Planning & Strategy

We will examine your needs from the eyes of those who will be using the website or application, from an average visitor to an advanced administrator.

Design & Develop

We use an iterative approach to building out your project. This means we release fully working copy of your site from which you can interact with and provide feedback.

Test & Deliver

You may have reached what feels like the final benchmark of your website, trusted wisdom proves that a website is never finished, you wont be on your own.

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