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Custom Built Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management System, CMS

About Content Management System

A Content Management System, CMS, is a collection of tools for managing and maintaining the content of your website. New Global Ventures custom builds each Content Management Systems to suit the individual client’s requirements. We also offer pre-packaged CMS solutions that comprise a wide range of features to satisfy a broad sector of clients.

Web content management systems enable site owners to add/edit content to their Web site anytime/anywhere they require. These front-end CMS applications (otherwise known as back-end admin systems) are basically designed to be used by people who do not have the technical know-how to design complex web sites with information (typically known as content of the site) that is continually changing. A Front-End Administrative CMS can be designed exclusively to handle all your services, product and content requirements.

Few benefits of CMS

  • list_starYour Information can be published instantly.
  • list_starYou can add, delete or edit products to your ecommerce site with great ease.
  • list_starYou can remain in control of distributing critical business information through your Web site.
  • list_starAnyone having knowledge in word processor can update web page content easily.
  • list_starYou can save a lot of money as there is no real necessity to employ a full-time webmaster.

Some salient features of CMS

  • list_starIt helps you to edit existing text content.
  • list_starIt enables you to add fresh content to an existing page and upload photos & images.
  • list_starIt helps you to add and edit new products to your ecommerce site.
  • list_starCMS helps you to manage product sales and discounts.
  • list_starIt is integrated with WYSIWYG online editor.
  • list_starIt also has back-end database and secure login.
  • list_starYou can add much more (or whatever you wish to add to add your website content!) to suit your specific needs.

If you are not receiving all the features you require from your online hosting Web site builder or other software solutions, then it is high time you consider your own Custom Built Content Management Systems to meet your site’s precise needs. We at New Global Ventures can build a solution that is tailored and designed to suit your business requirements.


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