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Website Design

What is Web Design?

In the web design phase, our primary objective is to create a visual representation making use of various parameters quintessential for web design like web graphics, web page layouts color and style.

Web Development Firm Decision Factors

Choosing the right web design consultant is crucial for the successful launch of your website whether you are a start up or an established business on the hunt for a web redesign. Some of the factors that count in the selection of a website development company include:

  •  Strong portfolio
  •  Excellent communication skills
  •  Rapid turnaround and an eye for customer service
  •  Understanding your requirements

It is also imperative to select a cost effective and a superior solution. Digital Journey Systems offers you the right solution by bringing you the required web package at an attractive price. The package encompasses the power of our professionally built website with the newest web 2.0 look and feel, to cater to your taste & requirements. Checklist for planning and developing your Website.

  •  State explicitly the objective and goals for your website
  •  Clearly define the scope of the project
  •  Realize online target audience
  •  Estimate the number of pages and structure of the site
  •  Addition of special interactive features like forms, newsletter, e-commerce, membership, etc.
  •  Design of logo and creating corporate identity
  •  Knowing about the maintenance needs and site updation ratio
  •  Website Development And Web Design Core Functions

Digital Journey Systems provides you more valuable info and tips on website development and design & business website development. Check out our special section on Website Development which will serve as a primer for further learning on web development services.

If you do not find what you are searching for, feel free to contact us to have one exclusively tailored for you. Our online business solutions are planned and designed to suit your various business requirements. As a complete website design and web development services firm we provide customer centric solutions and more importantly deliver them efficiently and on time. We manage all editing work, incorporation of graphics on new pages or existing pages and development of supplementary pages, updating new images or content, web pages, custom-made pages, re-optimization of your web pages for higher performance & other regular tasks.


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