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User Interface Design (UI Design)

What is User Interface Design?

User Interface Design (UI Design) is the design of websites with the focus on the user’s knowledge and interaction. Where conventional graphic design is intended to make the object or application physically appealing, the goal of user interface design is to enable the user’s interaction as simple as possible making use of user interface design tools, in terms of achieving user goals -what is otherwise called user-centered design.

First of all, the more intuitive the user interface the convenient it is to use, and the easier it is to use and the cheaper to use it. The better the user interface, the easier it is to educate people to use it, reducing training cost. The better your user interface, the lesser the help people will need to use it, reducing maintenance costs.

The better your user interface, the more your users will prefer it, increasing their approval with the work that you have done. With stark contrast to the conventional content-based websites, user interface design would comprise mainly of user entry forms and the navigation elements required for finding and executing the forms. There would be a minimum number of texts – primarily the labels for input fields and various form elements – and mainly functional of graphics.

Factors that determine the application process

Check out these factors that determine the application such as:

  •  Important tasks performed by the intended users
  •  Tasks that are parts of other tasks
  •  Tasks performed linearly
  •  Tasks performed repeatedly in a single session
  •  User assistance (online Help) required each step of the way
  •  Tasks performed frequently and infrequently
Web User Interface is Important

In conclusion, the user interface of an application will often make or break it. Although the functionality that an application offers to users is imperative, the manner in which it brings you the functionality is just as important. An application that is intricate to use will not be used. It won’t matter how technically superior your software or user interface design tools is or what functionality it offers, if your users abhor it they simply will not use it. Do not undervalue the worth of user interface design nor of usability.


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